Saturday, 24 September 2016

All quiet on the Eastern Front

Just because I haven't posted any new cards doesn't mean I haven't been busy! A while ago a former work colleague and her lovely fiance came to ask if I would design and make their wedding stationery. Up to this point I'd only made the odd card for special occasions for her so my first thoughts were panic and fear. What if they didn't like my ideas? Worse still what if I didn't have any ideas? But with that came an excitement that someone trusted me with an important part of their special day, well in this case weekend!

Whilst it is a small wedding, it's unusual in that it will be held in Wales, a place that's special to the bride and groom - who both live in East Anglia - and events are planned for the whole weekend. And so after much discussion it was decided that a folder would be the way to go, with pocket on one side to hold information such as travel directions, accommodation, menus etc and the invitation on the other. Chantelle had seen a similar folder I'd created to hold notelets and envelopes which she felt if scaled up would work quite well. The idea being that guests would only need to take one item with all the relevant information on instead of several pieces of card.

After much discussion the happy couple decided on an image for the invitation, one that will look beautiful once stamped and water coloured. We were rather lucky that Stampin Up had recently brought out a beautiful stamp and die set that is so perfect for weddings and it was decided to incorporate them into the design.

Obviously I'd love to be able to show the work so far....

...unfortunately as this is still a work in progress I can't 
reveal any of the details. My lips are sealed. What I can say, is that over the coming weeks I will be chained to both the computer and die cutting machine so please bear with me for the lack of posts. Also once the invitation folders have been sent out, I will be posting them on here subject to permission from my clients.

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