Saturday, 28 January 2017

Happy New Home

Hello again, do you ever have to just sketch an idea for a card that pops into your head? Well, I was so grateful I keep a pen and notepad by my bed as the other night I woke with the following design rattling around my head. I knew if I didn't commit it to paper, I'd have forgotton by morning.

For some reason I've wanted to make a 'new home' card for a while....

...I'd also wanted to use the fish coming out of a jar from Jar of Love. It seemed a tad symbolic; I remember exactly how I felt after I moved into my own home over 6 years ago after staying with friends for a few months. I couldn't believe just how much space I had after carting most of my belongings around in the car.

It struck me that by using the Swirly Scribbles Thinlit dies I could create the effect of the sea and sun. I love the freshness of the colours and, silly as it seems, that the little fish are no longer cooped up in that tiny jar.  It really was a match made in heaven! All it needs now is a recipient with a new home of their own.

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