Saturday, 21 January 2017

Quick Tip no 1

Hello again, Just a very quick tip which is why I'm posting twice this weekend. Do you ever want to use a basic die shape - circle, square, oval etc but not have the whole image stamped within that shape? Well, this morning that is exactly the effect I wanted. Could I just get straight on and do it?

The effect I wanted, isn't it cute

Oh no, it took me a while thinking exactly what to do! In the end I had to stamp my image and get the die, in this case a circle, so I could visualise it. This is so easy though in reality, I must have had brain freeze this morning.

Once you've stamped your image and chosen the die that best fits, fussy cut around the part you want to stand out of your shape. in this case the balloon was the obvious part to me. Then, slip the die through with the balloon on top of the die so that it isn't cut. This takes a little adjusting to get it exactly where you want. Once you're happy with the placement, run through your die cutter. See image below,

I think the finished cut looks rather effective. I hope you like it too. Now on to turn this into a card. Keep an eye out, this little elphant might just make an appearance again.

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