Saturday, 24 February 2018

Why do I always leave it to the last minute?

Hello again, by the time you read this, the recipient of this card will already have had his birthday. Goodness, how time flies, my son will be 28 the day before Valentines Day. Seems like just a few short years ago that he was so eager to enter the world at 10 weeks early! If only I'd been able to see into the future to know he wouldn't have had the issues expected and that he'd grow into a strong, tall young man.

Anyway, Adam is a tyre fitter, working at a garage in the next village. When he isn't working he still tinkers on friends cars but I guess it keeps him out of mischief. It was with this in mind that I thought I'd try my hand at my first stepper card. I know there are dies out there but honestly, save yourself the expense; they are so easy to make using a paper trimmer and scoring board.

I had seen a fabulous card by Lisa Ann Bernard on Pinterest that was perfect. Click on her name to go to her blog post. Adam, like many mechanics, has a large red upright toolbox that takes up a considerable amount of shed space. I remember it being at the top of his wish list for a long time until he was able to acquire one. So, it was obvious the stepper card would replicate that in some way.

I was able to create tyres by diecutting a circle in black and then using a round button die - not a Stampin Up one - cut in silver foil for the hub cap. Ok, it isn't perfect but it does show that necessity is the mother of invention! It also saved me a little money as I didn't need to buy any extra dies. I don't know about you but I love it when I can find other uses for my crafty stash. I added some small tools and a creeper board, made from the hardwood stamp on a piece of crumb cake card stock. I also wrote Happy Birthday on a "drawer" front with a silver pen to like like it had been scratched onto the chest of drawers.

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