Friday, 10 February 2017

Quick Tip no 3

Hello there, the other week I showed you how to die cut a shape without cutting the whole image. Well I've been asked by a crafty friend to explain how to cut out a convex (downward) shape of a stamp using a die. It really is so simple. I've remembered to photograph each step so hopefully you'll be able to understand how it works. Using this technique also means you'll never have to buy special dies for your Flip Flap cards.

First of all I stamped my image, in this case taken from the Moon Baby stamp set. I then decided which die made the best fit, matching the 2 end points - where I want to cut to. This die was secured in place with some low tack tape to prevent movement whilst cutting.

I then place my image and die onto the bottom cutting cutting plate. Depending on the shape and size you may need to rearrange the card so that the top plate fits through the die cutting machine.

The top plate should be placed so that it is placed ONLY over the area that needs cutting.

Once run through the machine, the die will cut only where the pressure of the top plate is, thus giving the partial cut required. The rest of the image can be fussy cut where needed to get the necessary effect. See, it is easy when you know how.

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