Friday, 3 March 2017

Lovely As a Tree

Hello again, you know I'm so lucky to live in Cambridgeshire; it's a beautiful part of the country even though the landscape is so flat! You can see for miles...

The other day, instead of my usual trek into work, as it was half term I travelled to Cambridge on the guided bus to meet my friend, Chantelle, for a day of shopping, eating cake and drinking tea. It's a journey I used to make on a daily basis when I worked in Cambridge but I don't often travel there now so I really enjoyed looking out of the window at the scenery. Sadly I didn't get chance to take a photo.  Watching the sun coming up over the lakes at Fen Drayton really inspired me to use Lovely as a Tree. I had an inkling of an idea on the bus and made a scribbled drawing to remind myself.

OK so the photo isn't mine but I have tried to find contact details for Jme and also included his blog details. I just thought the addition of a photo would give an indication of the view.

I love blending inks, it's so theraputic; the more time you take, the better it looks as the colours build up. You just have to make sure you aren't going out for a special event though as fingers get very inky!

If you try it and aren't too sure of the result, keep going as it will improve. This time I used a die cut Post It note to mask a circle for the sun.

For the background layer I did the Joseph's Coat ink technique, it worked so well with the colours.

Stamping inside the card and also on the envelope ensures each project has a cohesive and finished look.

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