Thursday, 9 March 2017

Happiest of birthdays

Hello again, todays offering is an understated floral design using Birthday Blooms. I had seen a tutorial on You Tube where a smaller piece of card was placed on top of the larger base card and then stamped. Sadly I can't remember whose video it was or what the completed design looked like. This is my take on that technique though so apologies if someone feels I should have acknowledged their work.

I found using my precision press invaluable for the task of stamping as it meant I could re stamp the base card - I'd used thick Whisper White so I could watercolour without my cardstock pilling, which meant the base card didn't stamp so well with the top card on.

close up

I have a confession, I used to be a little bit bothered about the idea of  watercolouring; I mean, trying to get light and shade in the right places seems so confusing.... I just try to make sure I use more depth of colour where there are more lines. Of course the other trick is to shade on the opposite side to where the light shines from. Although with flowers, I sometimes prefer to make the outer petals lighter.

I still haven't made up my mind whether to add a few gems to this so I'm leaving it as it is for a while and will look again later on with a fresh perspective. For now this is the finished product.

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