Saturday, 11 March 2017

What Tempts You... Part 1

Hello again, I recently wrote about basic equipment and tools a new crafter would need in their starter kit. This time I thought I'd suggest some useful things depending on your particular area of interest as you continue your crafting journey. Originally I was planning to write one post but having started, I think it would be better to spread this tutorial over 3 separate posts. So, today we kick off with -
Heat embossing

For an easy to follow tutorial click here if you're a novice or just want to improve your embossing technique.

Anti-static bag - Rub the Embossing Buddy across your paper or card stock before stamping and embossing to remove static, fingerprints, smudges, smears and stray embossing powder. It really does work!

Heat gun - Please don't think your hairdryer will work - it won't! If you want to heat emboss you'll need a Heat Gun to melt the embossing powder.

Versamark ink pad - a slower drying, clear ink that allows time to sprinkle embossing powder onto your project. If you prefer to use a coloured ink, use a pigment based inkpad for stamping.

Stamps - once you start buying stamp sets you'll find it will become a mini obsession! I certainly do, The type of stamps you choose is down to personal choice. There are photopolymer, ideal for 2 and 3 step stamping, clear that are mounted onto clear blocks when you want to use them and wood mounted. Each has it's merits so experiment to find what you like to use.

Paintbrush - I find a fine paintbrush invaluable for removing stray embossing powder before I heat set it.

Embossing powder - again, there are different types on the market; glitter, matte, pearlescent and many, many colours... This once again is down to personal choice. I would recommend, however, starting off with clear (needed for some techniques), gold, silver and black. 

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