Sunday, 19 March 2017

Quick Tip no 5

Hello again, a while ago I showed my quick tip for lining up and adhering card when matting and layering by using double sided tape. I've shared this with people several times, thanks to Susan, who taught me this nifty trick.

Today I'm turning my attention to intricate dies and how best to stick them down. There are several tried and tested ways that work without glue spreading everywhere. It's just a matter of trying them and deciding which method works best for you.

For the first method, take wet glue and smear a little across the back of your hand. Then take your die cut and dab it over the glue. I've found this works really well for me and luckily I haven't had a skin reaction to any of the glues I've used. Once dried the glue will peel off your hand.

For the second method put a little wet glue on a piece of acetate or silicon. Then take a small piece of sponge and soak it in the glue. Once damp, the sponge can be dabbed on the back of the die cut. The sponge can be kept in a small ziplock bag for future use. One advantage is that you don't waste glue, it's also always to hand.

And finally, the third suggestion is to use a Fine Tip Glue Pen. Just be careful and remember not to squeeze too hard. This product leaves a very fine line for precision gluing.

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